• Only add water no eggs needed.
  • Variable batter density on request.
  • MI Sponge Mix maintains a consistently high quality.
  • The sponge develops a superb rise during baking.
  • The crumb is uniform and yellow.
  • The freshness and volume of the baked sponge cake can preserve for at -least 20-day’s at 4°c.
  • The baked sponge cake can absorb up to 50% of its weight in sugar syrup.
  • Sponge cake retains the moisture/sugar syrup with ease.
  • No loss of sugar syrup during storage.
  • Swiss roll plates are easily and uniformly processed.
  • Swiss roll plates preserve the ideal elasticity for rolling.


  • Flour
  • Egg powder
  • Baking powder
  • Baking stabilizer
  • Sugar


Equation: Quantity of sponge mix/ divided by 1.714 = Quantity of water to be used

  1. MI Sponge mix                4.8kg
  2. Water                               2.8kg


Total                                 7.6kg

Note:  The quantities above should be adapted to the volume of mixer being used


Baking Instructions

Add water to the MI sponge mix and stir with a spatula untuntil the water is mixed with the sponge mix. Mix at highest speed for 10 minutes until a batter density of 300-450g/l has been achieved (Use Planetary mixers with a whisk. Next put the sponge cake batter in to ring moulds for cakes or plates ofr Swiss rolls. Cook the sponge cake ring-moulds for 25-30 minutes at 180°c and Swiss roll plates for 3-5 min at 250-280°c.

Addition of Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder can be added to the mixture to create chocolate sponge cake. Each customer will have a varying formulation depending on the customer’s requirements and tastes. We have provided a rough guide below.

Add 0.375 kg of natural cocoa powder at the end of the mixing stage. Just ensure that the batter has a homogeneous colour, which will indicate that it is ready.

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