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Quality Control

Few things are as important as the implicit trust our clients place in us. We make every effort to source premium ingredients from the very best manufacturers throughout the world, ensuring a consistent supply of products all year round, and creating lifelong partners who are delighted with the quality of service we provide.

Our producers undergo strict control measures and audits to ensure they comply with all European and International food regulations.

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Research and Development

Continuously searching for and developing ingredient and chemical solutions to meet client-product development requirements.


Clients and customers can be assured that high traceability requirements are met for each chemical and ingredient that are supplied.

Accredited Logistics

Manufacturer Approval

Manufacturers and growers undergo a rigorous approval process to meet and exceed the industry standards to which the ingredients and chemicals are supplied. 

Sample Trials

Samples are supplied to technical departments for independent sample trials, and we offer third party sample testing upon request. 

Only accredited and approved warehousing and transport services are used to ensure high-quality storage and transportation. 

Mayfair Commodities takes pride in its quality assurance systems and continuously appraises its supply and logistic partners to ensure its high standards are maintained.  

Continuous Appraisal 

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