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About Mayfair Commodities

Mayfair Commodities

Mayfair Commodities are importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors of chemicals, commodities and ingredients to a multitude of industries. We pride ourselves on being a dynamic, evolving and purpose driven enterprise with decades of experience supplying products throughout the globe. Mayfair strives to provide outstanding customer service, high-quality assurance, product insight and development to find chemical and ingredient solutions for our customers.

Quality is at the forefront of our enterprise to ensure our customers' highest quality standards are achieved. We are continuously working with our well-established global supplier-partners to continuously develop and evolve to the standards, practices and regulations within the industries we service. Mayfair Commodities is a leading partner in assisting our customers with product innovation, ingredients and chemical sourcing, laboratory sample trials, pre-production trials, establishing new supply chains, storage and final delivery.

Mayfair Commodities is a global company with offices based in the UK, India and Kenya. This strategic positioning allows us to service the key markets in which we operate, namely Europe, South East Asia and East Africa. Through this global reach, we are able to support our customers with their short and long term purchasing requirements.

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Final delivery




New supply 

Our Vision

To become the most reliable and economical customer focused supplier in our industries.

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