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Guar Korma Meal

Guar Korma Meal

Guar Korma Meal is a source of protein and carbohydrate with sufficient numbers of amino acids commonly given to milking animals. This enhances the production of milk and increases the percentage of fat in the milk.


The roasted Guar korma is free of anti-nutritive elements such as antitrypsin inhibitors. The inhibitor limits the formation of trypsin which is an essential enzyme for nutrition, therefore, the Guar korma is heated at high temperature which breaks the cell walls and enhances the protein and amino acids digestibility.


This is an excellent replacement for Soybean Meal, with higher protein value and lower cost advantage.


Advantages of Roasted Guar Korma

  • Higher percentage of crude protein (CP)(above 56% O&A)
  • Higher Digestibility Percent (85-90%), due to the removal of anti-nutritive factors
  • More desirable and balanced amino acid profile
  • Higher energy content and fat percentage
  • Lower percentage of less digestible fibre
  • Higher palatability, complete elimination of characteristic bean odour and taste



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