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Tamarind Gum

Tamarind Gum


Tamarind Gum comes from the seed of a Tamarind pod found on Tamarindus Indica. The pulp and the seeds are separated and the seeds are further de-husked, broken, cleaned and ground to obtain Tamarind Kernel Powder. TKP falls into the category of Natural gums and just like Guar, Xanthan and other natural gums, TKP is bio-compatible, biodegradable, non- toxic and a natural polymer.

TKP disperses instantly even in cold water and forms a gel. The solution is very stable in a wide range of temperatures, pH and shear. The viscosity of TKP is directly proportional to its concentration; it increases sharply even with small increase in the concentration. Viscosity is not impacted by pH of the solution, or by iron, sodium and salts. Viscosity increases with even a small amount of sugar (such as starch syrup, D-glucose, sucrose and other oligosaccharides) in the mixture.



  • Textiles
  • Dyeing
  • Food
  • Pet Food
  • Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Tobacco
  • Cotton wraps
  • Manufacturing of plywood
  • Adhesives
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