New crops arriving in the market.


Supplyfast hydrating guar gum supplier

The new crops are currently being harvested and sold in the market. Approximately 100,000 bags are
being brought in every day and current projections are for 13-15 million bags to arrive in the market this season. 80% of the seeds are going into storage on behalf off speculators brokers and manufacturers and 20% into milling. Based on the current calculations there should be sufficient supply to meet demand.

At lower price levels farmers are reluctant to bring seeds to the market in anticipation of higher prices, therefore restricting supply which could result in prices rising. However this is dependant on the volume of farmers that choose to take this approach and their necessity for liquidity.


Demandshale gas

Demand is currently less than anticipated for October and November, historically during these two months, the demand has been higher. Demand from the U.S.A oil, China oil and technical industries have fallen, however, demand from the food industry has remained steady throughout.



Many variables will determine the prices in the near future; it is difficult to anticipate the direction in which the market will swing, however, we do not foresee prices fluctuating wildly in either direction.

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Our Stock

Drilling grade: 35-40 and 40-45
Food grade: 200 mesh 3500 cps
Technical grade: 200 mesh 5000 cps
Available for shipment

Drilling grade: 200 mesh 7000 – 8000 cps
Food or Technical: 100 mesh 3000 – 4000 cps
200 mesh 3500 – 6000 cps
300 mesh 3500 – 5000 cps

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