Market Overview

The Guar powder prices are down, on arrival of the delayed monsoon.




There is a steady and stable supply of Guar seeds in the market at the moment.




Demandjpeg (2)

As the oil price has been steadily increasing the manufacturers and traders in the Guar market are anticipating the demand from the shale gas industry to increase. Due to the current Guar powder prices, the demand from the food industry has increased and the technical customers apatite has also improved.




There are two more rounds of rain expected during this monsoon, both should come in 4-6 week intervals. If these come when expected the prices we see today will represent some of the highest in the coming months.

Some of the farms have irrigation systems, so are only dependent on the first round of rains, unfortunately most farms do not have this infrastructure and are dependent on all three rounds.

Therefore if there is a shortfall in requirement, the current prices will represent some of the cheapest in the coming months. We will keep a close eye on this and release another market report as the situation develops.

Until then our stocks are listed below, If you have any requirements now or in the future please get in touch, we will be happy to help.

Please note our prices change daily due to raw material price and the exchange rate from usd-rupee.


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