Decrease in production predicted

As we head into 2014, the rumours concerning a decrease in farmers growing Guar stands. A preference is now given to Sesame Seeds, an alternate crop, with higher selling price.Since the boom within the Guar market and the hike in prices, many additional manufactures have been established, all wanting their piece of the pie. This has increasing production, playing a big part in keeping prices steady.






Market may seam slow but exports have increased year on year

Although there has been much talk about demand being slow, the predicted export of Guar Gum between April 2013 and March 2014 is 500,000 MT, which is an increase from the year prior. As mentioned above, the additional farmers and manufacturers have increased production, which in turn has assisted in fulfilling orders and keeping prices steady.

Anytime prices dip, manufacturers and stockiest come onto the market restricting prices from falling further.



Our Stock

All our stock is available in England and ready for dispatch

Drilling grade:     35-40 and 40-45

Food grade:           200 mesh 3500 cps (Vikas material)

                                 200 mesh 5500 cps (Vikas material)

Technical grade:  200 mesh 5000 cps

                                   4060 mesh




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