Prices have remained steady throughout the week, which we find will be attractive to users from the vast number of industries using Guar Gum. Even those priced out of the market are slowly coming back.

Something to keep in mind is the state elections taking place over the next two months in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab, which could have an impact on availability and prices.

Production jpeg (1)

Due to Diwali celebrations and holidays, everything has been slow over the past week.

Farmers have become stockiest themselves, therefore aren’t feeling the urgency to bring their crop to the market, and as Guar has a very long shelf-life their not loosing out by keeping hold of it.

Demand jpeg (2)

As we head into November manufacturers and suppliers get ready for the increased demand as end users look to fill their requirements for January. Demand from the food industry has been increasing, although at a slow rate, it is consistent.

Demand from the oil sector is expected to increase at the middle of this month but not at the same levels as previously experienced.

Our Stock

Drilling grade: 35-40 and 40-45
Food grade: 200 mesh 3500 cps (Vikas material)
200 mesh 5500 cps (Vikas material)
Technical grade: 200 mesh 5000 cps
4060 mesh

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