As we come into the last week of January, we see the Guar market remain stable. Prices have increased slightly due to speculative activity and shortage of processed splits, but at a manageable level.
Lets hope the market remains steady throughout the year, and the foreseen future. Many old users from food and technical industries are coming back into the market and others will hopefully follow.



Due to the low prices, manufacturers of Guar splits have held back on processing. They’re not willing to sell their product at a low price, therefore aren’t willing to process Guar and hold it as stock.

Now that there is increased demand, there is a shortage of processed splits which could have a negative impact on the market should this continue.



Demand from international markets has remained stable and not returned to levels once experienced within the industry. It is the speculative activity or stockiest and manufacturers which is having an effect on prices.

Once shale gas exploration is fully taken on board within Europe, a huge increase in demand is expected.



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Drilling grade: 35-40 and 40-45

Food grade: 200 mesh 3500 cps (Vikas material)

200 mesh 5500 cps (Vikas material)

Technical grade: 200 mesh 5000 cps

4060 mesh

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