We have been experiencing the ups and downs of the Guar market for a while now – although not a large increase or decrease there has been consistent movement. When prices increase farmers, stockiest and manufacturers are looking to gain from the increase bringing more supplies into the market. As supply increases, the price decreases due to additional availability. As prices decrease supply decreases, increasing price due to lack of availability. This is the reason for constant price movement. From our last report on prices decreasing, they have now slightly increased.




Production has been consistent throughout. As mentioned above, the price increase is due to unwillingness to sell rather then lack of product.




Demand from the oils sector has been consistent since the end of last year. It is great to see an increased demand from food and technical users. Manufacturers are hoping this continues and if so, prices are expected to increase further by March.



Our Stock

Drilling grade: 35-40 and 40-45

Food grade: 200 mesh 3500 cps (Vikas material)

200 mesh 5500 cps (Vikas material)

Technical grade: 200 mesh 5000 cps

4060 mesh

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