Market Overview

The prices for Guar Gum have increased slightly due to the uncertainty of final rains. If the rains are favourable then it will be reflected in cheaper prices, however if there isn’t ample rainfall the price will increase.


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The supply of Guar seeds should be adequate to meet our current calculations of demand. The Seeds from the irrigated Guar farms are expected to arrive in the market at the end of this month, therefore we will re-asses the situation when we receive the data on quantities.




The demand for Guar Gum has increased from the levels experienced during the same period last year. This demand has predominantly come from the food and technical industries.




The current prices for Guar Gum are extremely cheap, considering the price fluctuations over the previous years, if the prices remain at these levels we anticipate the demand to increase, as the current prices make Guar Gum one of the best and cheapest hydrocolloids on the market.

Our stocks are listed below, If you have any requirements now or in the future please contact us via phone, email or our website.


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