Market overview

On the 24th of November Guar reached the lowest prices we have seen in 5 years, therefore Guar Gum has retained its title as the cheapest hydrocolloid on the market.




Guar farmers are steadily bringing Gaur seeds into the market. However some of the largest manufacturers of Guar Gum are expecting supply to decrease, as farmers could hold onto their seeds in anticipation of higher prices. If enough farmers take this approach the restriction of supply will result in the desired outcome for the farmers.





Demand from the oil sector has decreased by 80% from the peak of 2013. International crude prices have been gradually decreasing and the majority of speculators are expecting them to reduce further. This is putting enormous pressure on the shale gas operators who have drastically cut their requirement for Guar Gum.

Demand from the food and technical sectors, in the EU and United States, is increasing daily.



We anticipate that some of the previous users in the food and technical industries could start increasing their Guar Gum consumption; due to the significant price and quality advantage.

Our stocks are listed below, If you have any requirements now or in the future please contact us via phone, email or our website.


Our Stock

Drilling grade: 35-40 and 40-45
Food grade: 200 mesh 3500 cps
Technical grade: 200 mesh 5000 cps
AvailableĀ for shipment

Drilling grade: 200 mesh 7000 – 8000 cps
Food or Technical: 100 mesh 3000 – 4000 cps
200 mesh 3500 – 6000 cps
300 mesh 3500 – 5000 cps

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