Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing involves the use of high pressure to crack open hydrocarbon bearing zones within shale rock formations. Guar Gum is used to thicken the fracturing fluid, which suspends graded sand and carries it to the fractured rock. The sand then serves are a proppant to keep the fracture open, creating a route for the oil or gas to flow to the well bore.

Function of fracturing fluid

  • To create pressure from the surface to the bottom to initiate the Fracture
  • Propagate the fracture into formationhydraulic-fracturing-fluid
  • To carry proppant (sand)
  • in to the fracture

Fracturing fluids

  • Water based fluids
  • Oil based fluids
  • Emulsions
[/bulletlist] Although there is a variety of fluids available, many of the current hydraulic fracturing companies opt to use Water based fluids. This is due to it being:

  • Cheaper than other types of fracturing fluids
  • Very few handling problems
  • Essentially hazardless to humans and the environment
  • Extremely high levels of viscosities can be achieved when natural polymers are cross linked
  • Low friction losses
  • Used over wide temperature range
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