Market overview

Some lucky people in Europe are on holidays or taking leave from work, therefore some industries become quite over the summer period. Good monsoons in the Indian subcontinent are reducing the price of Guar Gum making it an even more attractive hydrocolloid.



Supplyguar gum uk

The current supply situation is positive, the rains have been better than expected, therefore we foresee more than adequate supply to meet demand in the near future.




Demand from the oil drilling and fracturing industry is very low, which is a result of the current Brent crude oil prices, which are approximately $50.00 per barrel. However we have noticed more demand from our technical and food grade customers, which could be a result of current attractive prices of Guar Gum.




In our opinion, the markets progression and current status quo is extremely positive. Uncertainty in business is always unsettling and the impact upon the food and technical customers when prices rocketed, 3-4 years back, has been evident. Having a commodity, which is so widely used to then no longer be financially viable, creates huge problems.

The Guar market seems to have stabilised and having prices at these levels is great news for the Guar Gum market overall.

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