Guar Gum is a legum crop, which is also known as a cluster plant. It thrives in drought/ monsson present mainly in Imdia nad Pakistan. [pullquote_left]        Guar Gum for Drilling Purposes[/pullquote_left]   Guar Gum is essentially endosperm ( seed ) of the Guar Bean, which is de-husked, milled and screened to obrain the Guar Powder. In oil well drilling guar gum used as a surfactant, fracturing fluid and synthetic polymer for all requirements of water based and brine based oil well drills. It attains high viscosity in 3 to 5 minutes of time.

This powder is then used in Oil industry, Hydraulic Fracturing Industry.


Oil Industry Drilling & Fracturing

Oil drilling and mining industries use guar gum to thicken the drilling fluids which carry cuttings from the drill bit to the surface as the drill bit circulates up and down the borehole. Guar-thickened drilling fluids injected into rock formations are cross-linked to form a semi-solid mass which supports the walls of the formations as oil is extracted. Guar acts as a controlling agent in oil wells to facilitate easy drilling and prevent fluid loss.


Benefits of using Fast Hydrating Guar Gum:

  • High viscosities
  • Hydrates quickly in cold water
  • Delivers proppant more effectively
  • Stable at high pressures, heat and pH levels
  • Friction reducing properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bio-degradable
  • 8 times more thickening power than starch
  • Safe to handle
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Guar Gum in Oil Field Applications


  • Industrial grade Guar gum powder are use in oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling and industrial applications and preparations as a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent.
  • It is a natural, fast hydrating dispersible guar gum and is diesel slurriable.
  • In the oil field industry, guar gum is used as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and deformer ideally suited for all rheological requirements of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids
  • High viscosity Guar Gum products are used as drilling aids in oil well drilling, geological drilling and water drilling.
  • These products are used as viscosifiers to maintain drilling mud viscosities that enable drilling fluids to remove drill waste from deep holes.
  • Guar gum products also reduce friction in the holes, and so minimising power requirements. Some Guar Gum products act to minimise water loss should occur in broken geological formations.
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Gelling agents for water based Fluids

Guar Gum:

God reduction in friction pressures, degrades above 80 °C, contains 5-10% insoluble residue upon breaking.

Guar Derivatives:

Hydroxypropyl ( HPG ), similar to Guar Gum however HPG hydrates faster at lower temperatures with approximately 1 % insoluble residue. HPG is also stable at higher temperature ( 200°C ).

Cross linking:

Connecting polymer molecules in the solution can significantly increase viscosities of low viscous gel. To prepare these fluids Guar Gum or Guar Gum derivatives are used to viscosify the low viscous gel. Friction pressures ar between those of gelled and un-gelled water. fluid loss control is better than low viscous fluids and proppant ttransport is brillinat.


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