Good news, the monsoon rains emerged which resulted in previous prices of circa 147 rps per kilo to reduce too 137 rps per kilo.



Stockists who were holding Guar hoping for the prices to increase are ofloading their stock which brought the price down. The farmers that were holding guar seeds with a similar motive are now selling their seeds on the market.

Guar Gum at prescent is chearper than other hydrocolide ingredients and is anticipated to stay cheap based on this years yeild and the expected demand.



Now that Guar Gum is the cheaper hydocolyde, we anticipate the demand from all sectors of the industries to increase.



Considering the current trends in the market, and on analysis, we expect the price levels to fluctuate close to the levels of the last month. If there is no disruption in the thrid round of monsoon rains, the price could reduce further.

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