Despite the lower acreage of guar this season and with demand so high, gum traders are optimistic of attaining higher production.
Guar gum traders maintained, despite shortage of area, the timely rains of September would assist the productivity of the crop, thus raising its output prospects. As per guar traders, guar seed production this year is estimated to be 1.4 million tonnes (14 million bags) compared to 1.2 million tonnes (12 million bags) last year, thus reflecting increase of 16 per cent.
Guar is mainly a rain- fed crop, sown in July with the commencement of monsoon.

P K Hissaria, president, Indian Guar Gum Manufacturers’ Association, had earlier predicted a 17 per cent rise in guar gum exports this year from 300,000 tonnes last year, remained optimistic that exports this year would cross the 300,000-mark.
“With certain new areas in Rajasthan preferring sowing of guar gum seed and good crop conditions would definitely boost the prospects for good guar crop this year,” he said.
Prices of guar has seen an upward trend compared to previous year. Farmers in Haryana this year are fetching Rs 45 per kg for guar gum seeds compared to Rs 25-30 per kg last year.

In Rajasthan, 2,757,000 hectares of area was covered under guar this season compared to 3,000,000 hectare area achieved last year. Similarly, in Haryana the sown area under guar this year is 215,000, compared to 256,000 hectares. Rajasthan and Haryana together account for more than 50 per cent of the acreage for the guar crop.
Things on the export side also continue to be stable as per the traders.
Export demand of guar gum this season is stable compared to last year. The demand for guar gum however has picked up considerably, mainly from industrial sector.

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