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As with most organisations, Guar Gum manufacturers are feeling the pinch of the festive season. As companies are winding down the demand for Guar Gum powder is to. This is having a knock on affect with farmers’ seeing prices and demand of Guar seed and splits fall.

Demand from the oil sector is as volatile as ever and there is uncertainty of the requirements for the coming year.


Currently, arrival of Guar crop is steady, even though demand has been slower then expected over these past months.

In addition, here is speculation that farmers won’t be sewing Guar crop or will be reducing the amount for next year, should prices stay at this rate or dip any further.

guar gum crops

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Drilling grade: 35-40 and 40 -45

Food grade: 200 mesh 3500 cps

200 mesh 5500 cps

Technical: 200 mesh 5000 cps

4060 mesh

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