Guar Gum

Guar Gum Sole distributors for the food and pharmaceutical industries, high & low viscosity.

Copper Ore

Superior Grade Copper Ore In line with the industry set standards and parameters of the industry.

Gum Arabic

Traded in large quantities, and is grouped into three grades.

Iron Ore

Various Grades Available That cater to the varied requirements of different industries.

Shale Gas

Distributors for Shale Gas Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Grade Guar Gum FHG

Guar Gum Suppliers in UK, Germany & Worldwide

Guarkernmehl Kaufen

Mayfair Commodities are a leading UK guar gum supplier and the European distributor for wholesale food-grade and shale gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing-grade guar gum.

We have guar gum for sale at highly competitive prices thanks to our partnership with the largest manufacturers in India, Pakistan and China. Our partners have manufacturing units with the capacity to produce more than 300,000 tonnes of guar gum powder a year, so we have the stock to accommodate wholesale guar gum bulk orders as well as smaller quantity orders.

We have been a guar gum supplier for over 20 years. Our customers within the Food and Technical industries come to us as they know they can buy guar gum powder of the highest quality in large bulk quantities at the best prices.

At Mayfair Commodities, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, swift deliveries and providing customers with in-depth market information. If you are looking for a supplier that has guar gum powder for sale in the UK, Europe, Canada or the USA, then please enquire today to receive a free quotation.

What We Offer

Our aim is to keep your business life simple by providing the following:

guar gum quantities

The best quantities of guar gum powder at competitive prices

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Small quantities for manufacturers & blenders